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FEBRUARY 1, 2014

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AUGUST 1, 2013

"Although the floral design of the inlay itself is typical to the Indian region of Rajasthan, Sang & Serena modernize their items with a focus on quality and functionality—so you can rest assured that this stunner isn't just for show."




DECEMBER 1, 2012





NOVEMBER 6, 2012

"...I am in awe of their beautiful and detailed inlay work. It is quite apparent that every piece they have designed has been handcrafted with the utmost of care and attention to detail."
Maggie O'Neill Fine Art




OCTOBER 19, 2012

"'s obvious that there is a true passion in sharing the lovely and inspiring work of Indian artisans that find great pride in crafting their wares for the American market."
Sweet Peach




AUGUST 23, 2012





JUNE 14, 2012





MAY 17, 2012

"...this is what a labor of love looks like!"
Tea Time




MAY 3, 2012

"If you are on the hunt for transmodern furniture, Sang and Serena Company has a collection of beautiful pieces. Woven in a modern space, these pieces would look super cool!"
Simply Grove




MAY 2, 2012

"I've blogged about sang and serena before - they offer fantastic bone inlay pieces, and are a charm to work with.  My jaw dropped when I saw this new dining table in my inbox."




MARCH 19, 2012

"My slowly growing home office Pinterest board. You'll notice I've still got my eye on that Sang and Serena desk..."
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DECEMBER 31, 2011

"A tray is a curator's best friend. Corralling several items onto a tray instantly gives them a more collected look. I'd choose a tray in a pale color, like gray or white, so that the accessories stand out. And, because I'm obsessed with mother of pearl inlay, I'd opt for one of these beauties."




NOVEMBER 25, 2011

"In particular, we are loving their inlaid trays. The attention to detail on these is amazing! Each tray either has mother of pearl or bone inlay. I’m thinking these would make a great holiday gift to any fashionable hostess on your list! With so many colors to choose from you would be hard pressed to find one that doesn’t match your decor! Do yourself and the loved ones on your list a favor and go check out this website! I promise they won’t disappoint!"




NOVEMBER 17, 2011

"...gorgeous inlaid bone console from Sang and Serena. Lapis is their latest pigment to introduce and I'm in love with it."
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OCTOBER 22, 2011

"LAPIS Inspiration No. 2...check out the NEW SANG and SERENA ...NEW PIGMENT.....LAPIS"




OCTOBER 11, 2011

"So I was thrilled when I heard from this new company, Sang and Serena, here in the US that is also doing the bone inlay stuff…its gorgeous looking and on my home soil which is 2 ticks in all the right boxes…check out some of their designs..."




JULY 29, 2011

"I first heard of Sang and Serena in one of my many readings ages ago. (Oh, to have had Pinterest back then!) When I saw their pieces for the first time, I was in love. You may remember that, as part of my work on my living room, I talked a bit about console tables and included Sang & Serena's writing table as my favorite and dream table..."




JUNE 30, 2011

"Hello, beautiful! Sometimes I like to pretend I have lots and lots of money. It's much more fun to daydream that way. If this money were real, Sang and Serena Company would get lots of it. They make the most exquisite bone and mother of pearl inlaid furniture pieces. The bone (from naturally deceased camels), mother of pearl, and wood are all locally sourced in India, where the furniture is made by artisans. It's so beautiful, so get over that whole dead camel thing already..."




JUNE 22, 2011

"I am still adoring all things Indian when it comes to interior design. Yes, it is everywhere, but I love the mother of pearl inlay, ancient printing techniques and rustic, weathered feel of it all. Since this is the case, I had to share Sang and Serena with you. Sang Won Hwang and Serena Sandra Weaver call their pieces "transmodern", fusing age - old techniques, exotic materials, and eco friendly aims. Furniture inlaid with intricate patterns and floral block printed quilts capture the best handiwork Indian craftsmen have to offer..."




MAY 28, 2011

"The owners of Sang and Serena share many passions of mine; traveling, sustainability, and good design...These pieces are completely handmade and done in an old-world way, yet they are beautiful mixed in with modern day interiors and always make that perfect statement! "




MAY 20, 2011

"let me present to you my newest discovery: sang and serena: purveyors of gorgeous bone and mother of pearl furniture, at reasonable prices! and they're based in charlottesville, va....ordering a couple of consoles for bedside tables today and so excited to get them in! "




MAY 4, 2011

"I’m really in love with the idea of a handblock quilt for my bed, and though I’m a bit annoyed at myself that I didn’t scoop one up from Good Earth in Delhi, I’m excited see the lovely designs at Nandini and Sang and Serena. I love how the cotton weave balances the pops of color, and love the purple and white of the tribal design (Sang and Serena). They’ve also got an amazing collection of inlaid bone furniture. My eye instantly was attracted to the pop of pink, but I think that a console in creamy white (or paneer!) is lovely. "




MARCH 8, 2011

"In my dream world, I'd go with this mother of pearl inlaid writing table from Sang and Serena. I love the look of it and its exotic but soft and feminine feel. It would add a lot of personality into our living room..."





MARCH 1, 2011

"This Charlottesville, Virginia based company sells imported Indian furniture and textiles, all of which use traditional techniques and natural materials."
Apartment Therapy




FEBRUARY 16, 2011

"Sang and Serena import these beautiful 100% hand-stitched and hand-blocked quilts from India. There are six designs available and I just adore the pink and green one. And guess what? They ship to Canada! Serena emailed to let me know that the particular designs shown online are limited in edition but they are in the midst of working on new designs and will reflect this on their website in the near future. They also import handmade, inlaid furniture and accessories which you can see here. "




DECEMBER 3, 2010

"Dating back to the 17th century, inlay work was a common craft in India and the company of Sang and Serena have recreated a more contemporary and modern palette for their line of handmade one-of-a-kind furniture produced in Rajasthan....I think that the pieces have a very romantic quality to them and make a big impact in a room that would be decorated sparingly, allowing the piece to serve as both furniture and art."




NOVEMBER 30, 2010

"Pretty and prettier..."




NOVEMBER 9, 2010

"These handblocked Indian textiles by Sang and Serena have vibrant colors and beautifully intricate patterns. We are obsessing!"




NOVEMBER 2, 2010

"...These very inspiring textiles are from Sang and Serena, a textile and furniture company based in Virginia..."




OCTOBER 27, 2010

"Each piece presented is unique and handcrafted. Check out the sets where they photographed each work––from sourcing to crafting to display this company is just so cool."




OCTOBER 27, 2010

"There’s no avoiding the fall-to-winter (finter?) quick change when days grow shorter, temps drop, and your skin dries out.
Best to take cover under Sang and Serena textiles. The bold, made-to-order blankets are hand-blocked and individually stitched in Gujarat, India. Hypnotic color bursts (amethyst, fuchsia) and intricate patterns stretch across the single-, queen-, and king-size cotton quilts.
Dive beneath the burnt orange and jade Coriander, Quartz’s lilac latticework, or the Tetris-blocked Tribal (all pictured above). Or simply stand back and let the vibrant designs warm up the room...."




OCTOBER 26, 2010

"And the colors are great too! (In a little girl's room? Or in a whimsical office? Or as a vanity in a powder room?)"
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OCTOBER 14, 2010

"I would love this Indian piece in my bathroom or even as my bedside table. Check out the other beautiful products by this company..."




OCTOBER 13, 2010

"I've posted some photos of some of my favorite Indian textiles."
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SEPTEMBER 30, 2010

"The detail of Sang and Serena's pieces is amazing. They work with a local artist/entrepreneur in India to create the pieces and then bring them here. The bedding they have is incredible too. Enjoy."
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SEPTEMBER 29, 2010

"I love a great end table or little "anything" cabinet. And I love what Sang and Serena have to offer! I came across this company via Urban Flea. The detail of Sang and Serena's pieces is amazing. They work with a local artist/entrepreneur in India to create the pieces.....the bedding they have is incredible too. Enjoy."





"I have been a fan for a long time but I don't think I have shared the link to Sang and Serena Company on the blog. They offer furniture and textiles and their site is chockful of eye candy - I love the contrast of the beautiful products against the industrial settings..."





"After writing this article on Bone Inlaid Furniture and Decor, I was introduced to a wonderful , eco-friendly company called Sang and Serena. The company embodies three concepts when designing its furniture and textiles: eco-luxe, East-meets-West, and old world-new needs. Every item that they design and import is environmentally sensitive, rich to the eye and to the touch and a fusion of cultures..."





"A while ago I bookmarked this modern white bath from Living Etc. with the intention of tracking down the inlaid cabinet (perfect for adding a touch of exotica to an otherwise streamlined room), so I was pleased to discover an almost identical piece at Sang and Serena..."





"Newly launched company Sang and Serena is based in Charlottesville, Virginia, and specializes in handcrafted furniture and textiles from India. The founders, Serena Weaver and Sang Won Hwang, conceived of the idea for the company while traveling in India, where they became acquainted with a local artisan..."




AUGUST 8, 2010

"Being good, doing good, and having good. Not much to argue with, is there? ....I love the bone inlayed bureaus and printed pillow shams in particular..."




JULY 29, 2010

"I absolutely love these textiles from sang and serena. gorgeous..."




JULY 23, 2010

"These stunning pieces, intricate and decorative, are potential heirlooms to be passed on and cherished for generations."




JULY 23, 2010

"My new fave and top wish list item is the eco-friendly Sundial bedding by Sang & Serena, which I found thanks to Coco + Kelley. I have always admired Indian bedding, but most prints I’ve seen are too feminine, whereas Sang & Serena’s textile collection is well balanced in terms of masculine & feminine colors. This blue & white Sundial version is perfect for adding texture and pattern to an otherwise monotone room, plus it looks extremely cozy, don’t you think?"




JULY 22, 2010

"Many of us wonder if we can have such beautiful casegoods and textiles as these pieces and still be eco-friendly...."




JULY 3, 2010

"i love indian quilts and here's a company that i just ran across...they also have very pretty furniture."
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JULY 3, 2010

"Beautiful, beautiful bone inlay furniture from Sang and Serena. A chance meeting in India, the desire to promote artisan creations and the result? Stunning furniture and gorgeous textiles."




JULY 3, 2010

"Beautiful, beautiful bone inlay furniture from Sang and Serena. A chance meeting in India, the desire to promote artisan creations and the result? Stunning furniture and gorgeous textiles."




JUNE 30, 2010

"One of the most beautiful selections of furniture inlay around is from Sang and Serena - their pieces are completely handmade, and they have a variety of colors, but I'm particularly smitten by the pink and mother of pearl."
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JUNE 28, 2010

"Sweet furniture and textiles from Sang and Serena."
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JUNE 25, 2010

"Sang and Serena Inlaid Furniture..."
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JUNE 24, 2010

"I am crazy nuts about this couple’s gorgeous furniture and textiles that they design and import. Sang Won Hwang and Serena Sandra Weaver are based in Charlottesville, VA and deal in completely hand-made pieces derived from natural materials in India..."
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JUNE 23, 2010

"Wow, really lovely inlaid furniture from Sang and Serena. Maybe I need a little something to go with my inlaid bone mirror."
a room somewhere




JUNE 22, 2010

"These gorgeous pieces from Sang and Serena Company are Bone and Mother of Pearl inlaid. Amazing!!"
simply grove




JUNE 21, 2010

"It’s no secret that I love inlaid furniture. My ideal bedroom would probably be completely white except for a stand-out dresser in intricate inlay. As it is, I have to make do with my beloved mother-of-pearl inlay mirror… Anyway, I’m always looking for new sources for this type of product so was thrilled to hear from a young firm called Sang and Serena, which imports absolutely beautiful inlay furniture and accessories from Rajasthan..."
four walls




JUNE 18, 2010

"Because I so rarely am drawn to pattern in furniture (read: it scares me), I often rely pretty heavily on textiles and such. Yet after spotting these lovely, detailed pieces at Sang and Serena, I’m re-thinking my game plan..."
design for mankind




MAY 27, 2010

"I met Sang and Serena in High Point last month and was blown away with the inlaid furniture that they were importing from India....."
apartment therapy




APRIL 21, 2010

" ... the cabinets on display from Sang and Serena really stood out. They were probably the only pieces about which we could honestly say that there was nothing else quite like them on show..."




APRIL 20, 2010

"I don't know if any of you caught Maxwell's post (at Apartment Therapy) yesterday on the High Point Market Spring 2010 but if you didn't then you missed these gorgeous bright pink inlaid dressers from Rajasthan by Sang and Serena. They also make beautiful textiles perfect for the summer weather upon us..."




APRIL 19, 2010

'totally unique: a bright pink inlaid dresser from Rajasthan by Sang & Serena."
apartment therapy