Sang and Serena

About Sang and Serena

Sang and Serena believe in a transmodern future. They see a world in which people have solid and insightful relationships, give back to others and to the Earth, and reap the rewards that they seek out. In short, their business is about being good, doing good, and having good.

What does that have to do with furniture and accessories? Well, quite a lot. Sang and Serena Company, L.L.C. was born after a chance encounter with an artist-entrepreneur while the pair was traveling in India. A working relationship with this contact was then created with the intention of supporting his art school’s traditional skills and bringing products of their artisanship to North America and beyond.

And then, reality set in. How to sensibly implement the above? Drawing upon his Ph.D. in Environmental Design and Planning, Sang developed the systems that would support a flow of healthy consumer goods from the East to the West. His childhood outside of Seoul, South Korea and then adolescence around Washington, DC created the right experiences for doing so. Meanwhile, Serena’s design expertise filled empty spaces. With a similarly bi-continental background–in Los Angeles and Venice, Italy–her knowledge of quality customer service and the luxury goods industry was ripe for application. With that, a grand idea became a simplified passion for providing goods that are at once eco-lux, East-West, and old world-new needs.

About Furniture and Accessories

People have stories, and products do too. The art of inlay work within India dates back to the 17th century. During that time, precious and semi-precious gemstones along with marble were used as the primary mediums for this form of craftsmanship.

Today, inlay work persists. Sang and Serena obtain their furniture from the Indian state of Rajasthan, where the art form is practiced using regionally sourced bone from camels (that have passed on naturally) and mother of pearl (from the outer shells of water-dwelling mollusks). Government-issued Wildlife Certificates ensure that resources used are obtained with care. When fragments of these materials are expertly placed into a piece of India-grown wood, the result is mesmerizing.

Sang and Serena have spent a number of years enhancing the function, quality, and aesthetics of each piece. What they design and import is as value-added as possible so that you can enjoy not just the story and the style but the utility of every item daily. The result? Goods that are environmentally sensitive, rich to the eye and to the touch, a fusion of cultures, and a mental transport from history to our more (trans)modern era.